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Do you have water in your compressed air system?

As the temperature rises in summer time so does the amount of water in the atmosphere. Air compressors basically compress the atmospheric air and as it does, moisture contained within that air condenses. If you find you have to drain the air receiver more often in the summer this is normal, the problem is if you don't have measures in place to remove the moisture some of it will carry on down the line to your equipment. If you have moisture in the system then you need a dryer. 

What is a Refrigerant Dryer

A refrigerant dryer removes moisture from compressed air by reducing the temperature of the air. As the air cools the moisture condenses and is left behind in a water trap built in to the dryer. The water is then expelled from the system via an automatic drain valve. The equipment used to cool the air is similar to the fridges we have in our kitchens at home or on the air conditioning units in our cars. 

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Moisture in the air can be very damaging to equipment and pipework. Most air tools and machinery have no built in protection against moisture, once water has contaminated your system it can cause corrosion and damage to your equipment potentially costing you thousands in repair bills and machinery breakdowns. The best way to avoid this damage is by removing the water before the air reaches the ring main. A well maitained and properly spec'd refrigerant dryer will protect your system. If you use your compressed air for finishing or spraying it is vital you dry and filter the air to avoid a poor finish and paint failure. 

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Oil vapour in the compressed air system can cause damage to downstream equipment. Once contaminated, clearing your system of oil can be a very costly and time consuming excercise. By filtering the compressed air at the source you ensure a contaminent free system with clean air suitable for any application is achieved. 

 A good quality filtration system installed by a reputable company can filter out particles from the air including oil and water and can even filter the air to a quality where a breathing mask can be connected and used as an air supply in high risk areas. 

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