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Saving energy will also save you money...

We all know the impact our industrial advancemenhas have had on the environment and know that polluting the planet at our current rate is not sustainable. We also know that investing in energy saving equipment is very expensive... Or do we?

If your company uses air compressors have you ever considered how much energy they could be wasting by just running all day regardless of the compressed air demand at any given time?

Variable speed technology has become a lot more affordable in recent years thanks in part to the automotive industry investing huge sums of money in variable speed motors to drive the next generation of electric powered cars .

At ReddiAir we can data log your compressor and provide an energy saving report tailored to your usage . We also provide you with a cost saving calculation where you can see just how much energy and money you will save. In most cases the energy savings pay for the compressor in under 3 years! Every customer we have data logged so far has stood to save in excess of £1000 per year. Were talking about serious amounts of cash savings and with energy prices on the increase the savings will only increase .

If you want to find out if you could save thousands in energy costs with no obligation at all to buy call us today to discuss your requirements. You've got nothing to loose but could save a fortune...

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