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Have you considered the cost of running your air compressor? 

With the day to day stresses of running your business it's easy to overlook the cost of running your air compressor, as long as it's making air and keeping the machinery running then everything is ok right?

Using compressed air as an energy source is highly inefficient with around 80% of the energy used to compress the air lost as heat. With compressed air costing so much, it is vital that you generate your compressed air in an energy efficient way.

Variable speed air compressors are no longer ridiculously expensive, with an SCR air compressor supplied by ReddiAir, you will have cutting edge, reliable, energy efficient equipment supplied at an unbeatable price.

ReddiAir customers with a 15KW fixed speed air compressor have saved £1500 - £2000 per year on average by moving to an SCR variable speed machine, a great saving considering our best priced 15KW variable speed screw compressor costs around £3500. That's a payoff period of less than 2 years!

What ever your company's views on wasting energy and the invironment we can all agree that saving money on energy costs is a top priority for every business in the 21st century.

If you have an old fixed speed air compressor it is vital that you consider whether or not your air compressor is suitable for the application and if you are considering buying a new fixed speed air compressor; dont! We provide advice free of charge, we can make recommendations to ensure your air compressor is correctly spec'd.

With free advice, and energy saving solutions that could save you thousands of pounds and all while reducing your companies carbon footprint, what do you have to loose?!

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