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What is the cost of NOT getting your air compressor serviced regularly? 

In most manufacturing companies we rely on compressed air to keep our production lines running. When the production lines run smoothly, we make more product meaning more sales and more revenue for our shareholders. It keeps our employees in stable, secure employment and keeps our customers happy with short lead times and premium service.

Generally speaking our production lines rely heavily on compressed air. Without a reliable supply of compressed air we risk production issues, long lead times, loss of business and increasing costs. You would think that every business would treat their air compressors with ultimate care, looking after their every need in the hope that they will, in turn look after us.

Unfortunately this is not the case in most businesses. The compressed air system is taken for granted, servicing costs are not planned into budgets and the reliability of the compressed air is put at huge risk.

How much would your business loose if the compressed air was lost for an entire day? How many customers would look elsewhere because their orders have been affected by your extended lead times? What would the wage bill be for your employees standing around with nothing to do while you wait for the compressor engineer to turn up?

Once the compressor engineer arrives, what if parts need to be ordered in? How long will they take? What about the cost of a hire machine and the installation costs?

Usually unplanned maintenance bills run in to thousands of pounds, not to mention the cost of lost production, lost future business and wage bills.

Having your air compressor serviced regularly on a ReddiAir service plan is the smart choice for companies who need a smooth production line.

Simply having a service plan in force allows you to react to potential issues before they become a problem.

Routine replacement of parts is carried out before they fail. Worn parts are indentified early on and are changed before they cause a breakdown. Your dedicated service technician will be on hand 24/7 to assist you whenever you need them.

Don't fall in to the trap of waiting for your compressed air system to fail. Take action now, get your compressed air system on a robust service plan and reap the benefits of a reliable system and a smooth production line.

Call us today for your free quotation.

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