Air Compressors For Laser Cutting

Air compressors for laser cutters & Sheet metal machinery

ReddiAir are leaders in the supply and installation of compressed air equipment for laser cutters and laser cutting machinery. Our skilled specification technicians can provide advice and industry
knowledge to guide you toward the right compressed air system for your laser cutter and laser cutting machinery. Call ReddiAir today for free, expert advice.

Consult With The Industry Leaders

If you have purchased a new laser cutter or are in the sheet metal industry and require air
compressors, refrigerant dryers, in line filtration, air receivers, desiccant dryers, N2 generators and O2 Generators then talk to ReddiAir for free advice. Our team are trained in system specification, ReddiAir can supply compressed air to ISO 8573.1:2001 and to any class specified by your laser manufacturer.

Energy saving 

Compressed air

Laser cutting sheet metal can require large volumes of clean compressed air during the cutting process, with compressed air accounting for approximately 20% of your companies electricity bill it is vital that the cost of generating your compressed air is considered at the specification stage.
At ReddiAir we specialise in energy efficient compressed air generation and will always provide you with the most energy efficient compressed air systems utilising state of the art technology such as variable speed drives, IE4 Super Premium permanent magnet motors and variable speed cooling systems. We work with leading compressed air equipment manufacturers to deliver the most efficient equipment available to buy at seriously competitive prices.

Compressed Air 


Our team can design and install any compressed air pipework system using aluminium, galvanised steel, plastic/nylon or stainless steel. Our system design team can guide you through the process of system specification and provide accurate installation costs. Pipework installations are carried out to the highest standards using industry recognised best practice and materials.

Clean Air For The longTerm

Poor quality compressed air can mean very costly repair bills for your laser cutter. ReddiAir have a team of trained technicians to carry out preventative maintenance on your compressed air system ensuring the compressed air supply to your laser cutting machinery is never compromised. We have
a number of maintenance plans for every budget.

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